my photographs are un-posed, full of life, energy and emotions. my aim is to take beautiful images of your family and capture the moments that you can treasure for many years.

| family photoshoot

we typically meet at one of many london parks or in your home. there's no list of shots to take, no posing, no sitting quietly and staring at the camera. instead, you just play and spend time together and i'm there to tell that story about your family and capture the best moments. we will also take close up portraits of the kids
• pre-consultation over the phone or skype
• up to 2 hour photoshoot at a chosen location or in your home (or we can mix both)
• £125
After the photo shoot I post-process the photos, upload to secure online gallery where you can review them and pick one of the packages below that suits you most
Package 1:
• 15 edited digital images
• online delivery
• £135
Package 2:
• 40 edited digital images
• wooden box, usb stick, 7x5.5'' prints
• £225
Package 3:
• 65 edited digital images
• 7x5.5'' prints, usb stick, wooden box
• £295
Additional info:
• online gallery to share with family and friends is included in every package

| family video & photoshoot

set of beautiful pictures and a family music film - the ultimate keepsake for your family. imagine to be able to go back and re-live a day with your family, and to and feel that love again. imagine being able to show it to your kids in 10 years time. that's what i want to create for your family.
it's the same relaxed session and it has nothing to do with acting in front of the camera - it's all about you spending time together as a family, absolutely un-posed and natural. i use small dslr camera and quickly switch between video and photos, to make sure we can capture all the moments. we will spend up to 2 hours, so you will get both amazing family film & beautiful pictures. 
included in this package:
• pre-consultation over the phone or skype
• up to 3 hour photoshoot at a chosen location or in your home (we can mix both),
• 3min family music video
• 40 edited digital images for you to download and keep,
• wooden box, usb stick, 7x5.5'' prints,
• online gallery to share with family or friends,

| gift vouchers

are you looking for a gift idea? a few quick steps and i will send you a personalised pdf voucher for someone you care about. any of the packages above can be ordered as a gift voucher.

| birthday parties, christenings, baby showers and other events

get in touch using the links below, to discuss photography and/or videography

| other info:

• we can schedule a main and a backup date for photoshoot in case of rain/sickness
• your photos will be ready within max 2-3 weeks from the photo shoot  
• skin imperfections can be easily retouched, so don’t worry about minor blemishes such as scratches or stretch marks. (also see faq page). also your children spots, scars, or bruises - they can all be corrected.
• every package can be upgrade with photo albums, folio box, framed prints or canvas wraps with variety of sizes and ready to hang on the wall.
• we will discuss all the details over the phone or skype, so if it's your first family photo session, i will explain everything and make things as easy as possible. i can advice you on the clothes, so you know what will look the best on the pictures. 

get in touch

is there anything you would like to know?  just drop me a message and i'll be in touch as soon as possible.

you can contact me via:

• email -

• whatsapp message or text message

• Instagram DM - @pekalskiphotography