natural and relaxed portraits

 i believe photographing people is not just about showing the beauty. good portrait or couple session should also capture the atmosphere, character and emotions. i love natural photos and always try to show as much freedom, life and spontaneous moments as possible. 

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outdoor session or studio session
during spring, summer and autumn most people prefer outdoor sessions - we meet on location, usually somewhere in central london. however if you're more interested in a studio session - my home-studio is located in north-west london
what if the weather is bad?
don't worry about the rain - we'll agree the main date and also the backup one. so if the weather forecast is bad - we can either reschedule or move indoors. btw, cloudy weather is not a problem at all, actually it creates beautiful & even light! 
how long will it take?
typical session takes around 1 hour, but we're not in a rush. we’ll have a good time and we'll shoot until we get what we need. 
i don't feel comfortable in front of a camera
when the atmosphere is relaxed, shooting can be a lot of fun! during the session i always try to look for as many spontaneous moments as possible. i will direct you at times if you're not sure what to do and we'll be reviewing pictures, so we can adjust things to make sure we are happy with the results.
i would feel more confident bringing a friend with me. is it ok?
yes, not a problem. but if someone is on set - they work:) i have them hold reflectors or strobes, they can also help with the clothes, etc.
can i bring a friend so we both have our pictures taken?
of course - it can be lots of fun and a good idea for a nice afternoon together. session fee stays the same, we will just split the time. 
i'm not sure how to prepare and what to take with me
i'll send you an email with all the details about clothes, make-up and some useful tips how to prepare for the session. we'll also discuss time, location, backup plan and any questions you may have.
can you deal with skin imperfections?
don't worry about skin blemishes or imperfections - i can take care of them in a few seconds in photoshop.
do you offer gift vouchers?
yes. if you'd like to order a session voucher as a gift to your friend/relative, just let me know and i'll send you all the info about available packages.

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if you are interested in portrait session, please click contact button and send me a message. i will reply as soon as possible, send you full pricing guide and answer any questions you may have


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