where are you based?
i am based in Canons Park (Jubilee line) in North-West London.
what makes your work different from other photographers’ work?
i love authenticity and emotions. these are not awkward pictures where everyone is asked to sit straight, smile and look at the camera. my photo sessions are fun and candid.
what if my child gets ill before the photo shoot day?
don’t worry, we will arrange the session at a different date. please let me know as soon as possible prior to the photo shoot - we will reschedule the photo session with no additional costs. 
how should we prepare for the family session? what to we wear and what should we bring?
the best are simple clothes in neutral colours. it's best to avoid clothes with big logos or cartoon characters as they distract the picture. girls look beautiful in dresses and boys look great in shirts or plain t-shirts. we will discuss everything over the phone but ultimately, bring things you and your child love and suits their personality. for studio shoots - you can prepare some clothes to change during a session too. for small children it’s always a good idea to bring a drink, a snack, or a favourite child’s toy. prepare your baby for a photo session by feeding them beforehand. i will discuss with you before the photo shoot any additional questions you may have.
will we get featured in your portfolio?
you may be featured in my portfolio. i reserve the rights to use the images on my website, social media and marketing materials. by booking a photo session with me you agree to these terms and conditions.
are you able to remove imperfections from the images?
don't worry about your children spots, scars, or bruises that occur everyday in children's lives - they can all be corrected. i can also retouch bags under the eyes, complexion, wispy hair can also be adjusted, we will make you look at your best! if you are particularly worried about something, it's best to talk over the phone and we can discuss whether it's something easy to photoshop it or if it's better to wait a few weeks.
how do i book a portrait session?
please click on the contact button below, drop me a message and i will be in touch as soon as possible.