about me

my pictures are a bit different than traditional portrait and family photographers. i like to capture emotions and i'm drawn to the natural stuff, feelings and authentic moments.

with family sessions i work in candid, documentary way, capturing the events as they happen. i always try to concentrate on emotions and moments. i want you to look at your photos in years and feel exactly as you did in that moment. 

i believe family photography is about creating pictures that will inspire conversations in years to come. every family session is a little different, but it should never be about sitting stiff and just looking at the camera. family photo shoots should can be lots of fun! 


if you'd like to know me a little bit more, here's a few things about me:

• big fan of tv series. some of my favourites: breaking bad, house m.d., californication, dexter, 3rd rock from the sun, x-files, and lots more.
• love 'pulp fiction' and other tarantino's films.
• f•r•i•e•n•d•s obsessed
• believe it or not, but i know 'dirty dancing' soundtrack by heart (my mum's favourite film, i've heard it like thousand times...)
• my playlist is a total mess - mixup of everything. love alicia keys, erykah badu, 90s rock and hip hop and 80s hits
• love my kindle. made me to start reading books again.
• black coffee and home brewed beer - both equally awesome.
• i was born in poland, grew up in 15min walking distance from the baltic sea
• carry my camera around for nearly 15 years now

| reviews:

"It was a real pleasure working with Kris. He captured some absolutely amazing moments during our family photoshoot and made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable and totally relaxed (despite there being two small children involved)! The photos are stunning! We look forward to working with him again."


"Kris put us at ease from the first minute. He really understood our needs with a toddler, was flexible and listened to our wishes. Thanks again for a great time and great pictures!"





| more of my work: